Thursday 12 August 2010


Maria McKee, Life is Sweet, CarriedLife is Sweet’s tenth offering suffers from its placement. After the less than nimble Human, the album’s crying out for an injection of pace. Instead we get the distinctly quiet and inward looking Carried. On top of that, Carried's references to multiple personality disorder, self harm and religious obsession are already over-familiar from previous tracks, making it feel like McKee’s starting to repeat herself.

That’s a shame because it’s a genuinely good song, with a fine chorus and pleasing guitar, merely a victim of its circumstances. It also leads nicely into Life is Sweet’s final song and title track. Although I don’t particularly mind Human, I do increasingly feel the best thing to do is to simply skip it and go straight from I’m Awake to Carried so that Carried might be better appreciated in its own right.

But now Carried is done, and that leads us into the track the whole shooting match is named after. Can the title song of Life is Sweet possibly justify being granted such an honour?

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